Airmen provide Hurricane relief

UPDATE: Watch a news clip from within the Hunters.

Airmen are continually assisting more in the roles of aeromedical evacuation of patients on the Gulf Coast. This role was important during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita now with Gustav and Ike. Typically, the Air National Guard from surrounding states makes these missions happen.

Closely on the heels of supporting FEMA efforts during Hurricane Gustav, the Air Force Hurricane Hunters out of Keesler AFB, Ms. are performing reconnaissance in tracking Hurricane Ike. The Air Force plays a significant role in humanitarian efforts, disaster relief for emergency evacuations, forward disaster area aid, and in storm tracking. Newsvine story, Link here.
Check out the Hurricane Hunter story on NPR here.
For constant updates on Hurricane Ike relief supports and how the U.S. Air Force helps, link here.

Posted by Capt. David Faggard, Air Force Public Affairs