Michael G. Vickers to AFA: US Air Force across the spectrum of conflict

Michael G. Vickers, often referred to as the principal strategist for the largest covert operation in CIA history — think Christopher Denham in Charlie Wilson’s War , spoke to a room full of Airmen on strategy.

Senior generals with decades of military experience and junior airmen with only a few years in service listened intently about a host of issues, threats and potential adversaries.

Has Afghanistan turned out the way you thought it would, one attendee asked? “Afghanistan was a key point in ending the cold war,” he said. “The most important line in the movie was actually from Charlie Wilson to ‘not dis-engage from Afghanistan and Pakistan’ and is a mistake we don’t want to commit again. If there’s one thing we learned it’s that we can not dis-engage.”

According to the DOD Website, he provided strategic and operational direction to an insurgent force of more than 300 unit commanders, 150,000 full-time fighters, and 500,000 part-time fighters, coordinated the efforts of more than ten foreign governments, and controlled an annual budget in excess of $2 billion in current dollars.

Vickers has presented many times, see the presentation to the HASC: The House Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Strategic Forces.

Posted by Capt. David Faggard, Air Force Public Affairs