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Air Force Live is the blog of the Air Force Public Affairs Agency’s New Media Team. Because of the predominance of new media overtaking traditional news sources, Public Affairs decided to engage in the conversation–the result is the New Media and Emerging Technology Team. The Team is charged with forwarding the U.S. Air Force’s Web 2.0 presence. That goal is being accomplished through the use of some common and popular Web 2.0 applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, social bookmarking, and now, blogging.

Regardless of whether you call it Web 2.0, new media, social media, or digital media, the goal is the same for any organization trying to present news and tell a story. It needs to be convergent, immediate, and conversational. The New Media Team welcomes your comments and looks forward to collaborating with others. We will post links to our social networks shortly. Be prepared to see news in a new way from the U.S. Air Force.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Air Force Live”

  1. So, how is the AF going to drive traffic to this site?

    What items of interest are going to make it here?

    Is this going to be relevant to the Reserve and Guard components?

    How will this be more than a sprinkinling of dust from the “good idea fairy”?

  2. msb690916: We’re constantly evaluating how we deliver information to consumers, external and internal.

    We’re driving traffic to the site through micro-sites off http://www.af.mil, official AF Public Affairs communication channels, and traditional media resources. We’re also linked to our YouTube page AFBlue Tube, Hap Arnold on FaceBook, Air Force group on LinkedIN and through viral marketing newsletters.

    We’re trying to provide information that is of importance to active, Guard and Reserve, civilians, and family members too.

    As far as fairy dust, we’re in the business of breaking things while defending America, not engaging in ideas for engagement’s sake. New Media, Web 2.0, blogging, etc. are new ways to communicate to many, many people and one way Air Force PA is communicating now.

  3. Kudos to the AF for setting up this blog — I hope that it does provide a less “polished” forum and voice for communication, as opposed to the bland and sterile AF.mil news. That stuff is necessary, true — but sterile it is.

    And the irony of it not being able to be read by many Airmen who are trapped behind firewalls on base…well, I do sorta understand, but it is indeed ironic.

    One question: why did you use Blogger/Blogspot, rather than a unique domain/URL and more robust software (WordPress, etc)?

    Which, come to think of it, would eliminate the firewall problem for the airmen in the field.

  4. david: Your comment about wordpress got us thinking. We’re going to explore the other software versions as well. You’re right, one of our goals is to reach out and start an online conversation with Airmen and their families. Thanks for your input.

  5. What a fantastic concept and idea. Whoever thought of this should be promoted! Whoever approved it should also be promoted. Way to embrace the future SAF/PA!

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