Welcome to Air Force Live

Air Force Live is the blog of the Air Force Public Affairs Agency’s New Media Team. Because of the predominance of new media overtaking traditional news sources, Public Affairs decided to engage in the conversation–the result is the New Media and Emerging Technology Team. The Team is charged with forwarding the U.S. Air Force’s Web 2.0 presence. That goal is being accomplished through the use of some common and popular Web 2.0 applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, social bookmarking, and now, blogging.

Regardless of whether you call it Web 2.0, new media, social media, or digital media, the goal is the same for any organization trying to present news and tell a story. It needs to be convergent, immediate, and conversational. The New Media Team welcomes your comments and looks forward to collaborating with others. We will post links to our social networks shortly. Be prepared to see news in a new way from the U.S. Air Force.