Air Force Intelligence officer shares PRT deployment experiences

Capt. Stacie N. Shafran with the Paktya Provincial Reconstruction Team, wrote an interesting piece about Airmen deployed with the PRTs.  The story is here.

“Captain Don Moss, from Scott Air Force Base’s Air Mobility Command, Air Intelligence Squadron, Ill., is the chief of PRT Paktya’s intelligence section. His primary job is identifying and training his team about IEDs and other threats to the unit.

He has cultivated a stronger relationship between the PRT and the Mulwi, or senior religious leaders of the province. The team meets regularly with the Mulwi to discuss governance and security challenges and this effort has been rewarded through several instances where the Mulwi have identified security threats to the PRT and local Afghans.”

“Paktya’s rural areas and the areas least visited are those most at risk from the enemies of Afghanistan,” Moss said. “They are also the areas where unhappiness with the slow pace of progress has been the greatest. In the past, many of these areas have received only minor assistance and received few, if any, provincial-level government official visits.”