USAF Art Collection Visits Air Force Week, Salt Lake City

AF ART EXHIBIT @ Salt Lake City Library

Local artist shines

Many facets of the military, particularly the Air Force, were on display last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Air Force Week sheds light on another area of the Air Force which is not common knowledge to the public: the United States Air Force Art Collection. The Air Force Art Program began its extensive collection in 1950. This week’s display features unique, original artwork spanning from present day to one piece that dates back to 1963.

Air Force Week Salt Lake City was honored to have Air Force Art Program member, Richard “Buz” Sawyer in our area—both he and his own artwork were on display last week in the Salt Lake City library. The library sees many notable exhibits pass through its doors, and the work of Buz and his fellow artists were right on par with the best—a privilege for Salt Lake City area residents to view and appreciate.

Mr. Sawyer has had an impressive career in the Air Force, spending 34 years in the Reserves. He spent eight years as a weapons loader and well over 20 years working in the Intelligence career field. One significant point in his profession was being sent to the desert within a month of the September 11 attacks. Such a hearty career allowed many travels, and Buz claims he’s been “everywhere but Australia, Africa, and China.”

His artistic abilities allowed him to keep the military close; Buz was a technical illustrator at Hill Air Force Base for eight years. Today, his work goes far beyond technical orders and diagrams. Several of his displayed pieces depict the F-16s gained by the Air Force Reserves in 1984.
Sawyer retired from the Air Force Reserves on April fool’s Day, 2006, but he hasn’t strayed too far from his military roots. His talents portray the pride we all share as members of the United States Air Force.
Thanks to Jason Carrion, 75 ABW Public Affairs, for providing this story and James Arrowood for the photo.