Air Force is full of… energy about saving energy

Submitted by Tech. Sgt. Phyllis Hanson, Air Force Public Affairs Agency

With the new Air Force long-range energy plan now in place, Airmen are facing a worthwhile challenge to help even more to “reduce demand, increase supply Energy2(through a variety of alternative and renewable types of energy) and change the culture”.

Wonder how far we will reach by 2035? I am curious to see what changes will happen over the next quarter century.

Saving energy should be as natural as breathing, right? Recycling, conserving water and turning off electricity not in use are easily doable and conscientious choices. Check out this website and take the “Test your Energy IQ”  — how well will you do? Now try part 2.

Changing one’s mind set about energy and our global environment along with giving a little effort can make a huge difference.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency the average U.S. family’s energy use generates over 11,200 pounds of air pollutants each year. Therefore, every unit (or kilowatt) of electricity conserved reduces the environmental impact of energy use.

Go to the Air Force’s Installations, Environment and Logistics site to see how the Air Force is stepping up and making a difference for our world. To learn of easy ways you can join in saving energy, to the EPA’s Pick 5 and start saving today.

And remember…