Happy Birthday, Army!

For 235 years, the United States Army has truly been the strength of our nation.  And today, I believe it is the best it has ever been.

One of the great privileges of this job is visiting our men and women in uniform, including our Soldiers, who serve around the world.  From Fort Hood to Kandahar and posts and FOBs in between, I am proud of and grateful for the courage you and your families display and the sacrifices you make every day.  You embody  what “Army Strong” is all about.

In a year that has seen historic progress in Iraq, a renewed effort in Afghanistan and a superb response to the humanitarian crisis following Haiti’s earthquake, the Army’s fighting spirit, resilience, and adaptability proved critical.  You brought fear to the enemy, hope to the destitute and security to your fellow citizens.  You proved in word and in deed that sometimes we defend our national interests best when we help others defend theirs.

I am also ever mindful of the commitment we must make to the fallen, our wounded warriors, and their families.  Their sacrifices are as profound as they are enduring, and we will always honor those who have given so much to our Army, our country, and the world.

On behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Happy 235th birthday to our Army and our Army Families.  Hooah!

– Adm. Mike Mullen