A day in the Air Force

by Tech. Sgt. Mareshah Haynes, Air Force News Service

Air Force Week kicks off in New York City

There are many things that go into a day in the life in the Air Force. Airmen from hundreds of job specialties contribute to making the U.S. Air Force the greatest airpower in the world.

Check out this slideshow we compiled from photos taken by Airmen from around the Air Force to see just some of the things that go into an Air Force day.


5 thoughts on “A day in the Air Force”

  1. I served one tour in the Air Force. I was a crypto analyst at Adair Air Force Station, the the headquarters for NORAD. I also served in Viet Nam and Thailand. I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful service.

  2. As a former enlisted, it always makes me proud to see the women/men who follow in my generations footsteps who carry on the honorable duty of serving and protecting our great country.

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