November recruitment tweet chat

By 1st. Lt. Victoria Hight and Staff Sgt. Jarrod Chavana
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

The Air Force Recruiting Service participated in its fourth “office hours” tweet chat, #AsktheAF on @usairforce, Nov. 7 and received more than 50 recruitment questions from Twitter followers. During the hour-long Web event, AFRS officials and the Air Force Social Media Team answered questions about enlistment eligibility requirements, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test scores and other career field-specific questions. The first 30 questions were answered during the tweet chat, but in case you missed it, here are all the questions and answers from the chat. Stay tuned for our next event!

Q1. Have new BMT dorms been built?
A1: Yes, some are already built. Check out for more information.

Q2. When and where will be the next OTS?
A2: Rated/Non-Rated board date: 19 Dec 2013. Applications must be submitted to OTS recruiter. Est release date: 27 Feb 2014.

Q3. What main medical jobs are there, and how do you go about becoming member of the PJs?
A3: Jobs are based on your ASVAB score and physical. Here is a list of medical jobs: You can also check out our PJ page here:

Q4. What are the requirements for being a pilot?
A4: You can find the requirements for becoming a pilot here

Q5: I’m a freshman in AFROTC, so what should I be doing now in order to pick up a pilot slot?
A5: Aim for a high GPA, 3.4 GPA or higher makes you very competitive to be selected.

Q6. Where is the aerospace maintenance tech school located?
A6: Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.

Q7: Do all enlistees go in the Delayed Entry Program?
A7: All enlistees join the DEP. You will swear into the DEP after you process, before entering active duty and going to BMT.

Q8. Are there any programs to accommodate those with special needs?
A8: All applicants must meet all the minimum requirements to join. Check with your local recruiter for more info.

Q9: I’m currently a 2X since I volunteered for Force Reshaping in 04? How can I change my re-entry code on my 214?
A9: Unfortunately, you exceeded the six year time gap and are not eligible to re-enter.

Q10: What percentage of the Air Force are pilots?
A10: Less than four percent.

Q11: How often do fire protection jobs open after you sign?
A11: It varies based on when you DEP in and when we have openings for it.

Q12: I want to go back active duty. I was told no because I have a little girl. Why is that? I’m the noncustodial parent.
A12: The policy for single parents is changing but hasn’t been implemented just yet. Contact your recruiter for more info.

Q13: What career paths are there for a person with a computer science degree in the Air Force?
A13: There are many career fields available for that degree, please contact a local OTS recruiter for more info.

Q14: Is BMI more important than weight when enlisting?
A14: You must meet height/weight requirements found here: Contact your recruiter: http://bit.ly11uA68V.

Q15: What are the requirements for being accepted into an Air Force ROTC program in college?
A15: You can learn more about Air Force ROTC requirements here:

Q16: What is the preferred route to get a degree while being enlisted in the Air Force and then your graduate degree?
A16: Learn more about education benefits here:

Q17: What jobs are there for cargo pilots?
A17: You are assigned your aircraft based on qualifications and needs of the AF.

Q18: How does the Air Force Reserve work for high school juniors?
A18: Please contact AF Reserve on their website. They have a Live Chat to answer your questions at

Q19: What are the LSAT and GPA requirements for the graduate JAG ROTC program?
A19: Learn more about JAG programs here:

Q20: What does being in security forces entail?
A20: You can find more information about what being in security forces entails here:

Q21: Can you go back to MEPs once you’ve had corrected vision?
A21: Correction of visual acuity by PRK or LASIK may be considered 1 yr from date of the operation.

Q22: Why can I only join the Guard if I’m married to someone in active duty?
A22: Spouses of military members with children are not eligible to enlist in the US Air Force. Those without children can. You could join the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves or explore commissioning opportunities.

Q23: How does someone prepare for BMT?
A23: Check out this link for BMT workout prep:

Q24: I was denied enlistment for a minor shoulder injury, and now I need a waiver in order to enlist. How does that work?
A24: Take all medical records to your recruiter & they’ll submit for the doctor at MEPS to review. Takes approx 30 days for decision.

Q25: Of that four percent that are pilots, how many are drone pilots?
A25: Sorry, that information isn’t releasable.

Q26: How does partial BAH work?
A26: This answer is too lengthy for Twitter. Please contact an online chatter here:

Q27: How do you join as a foreigner?
A27: You must meet the reqs and legally reside in the US with a “Green Card.”

Q28: What are the requirements for GPA and ACT of a high student wanting to attend the AF Academy?
A28: A28: Contact the AF Academy Liaison Officer nearest to your area for assistance.

Q29: If I wanted to be a loadmasters how long is the technical school, and is a lot of math required?
A29: 34 Training days (6.4 weeks) at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, Texas, to include follow on training at a designated location.

Q30: Can I still join if I have a metal plate in my leg?
A30: Take all medical records to your recruiter & they’ll submit for the dotor at MEPS to review. Takes approx 30 days for decision.

Q31: What is the most important fighter jet in the Air Force today?
A31: That might be a matter of opinion. But I would say the F-22 and F-35 are pretty awesome.

Q32: What should I do to prepare myself for combat rescue training?
A32: Exceed the PAST test requirements and be mentally prepared. Check out for more information.

Q33: How does one qualify for Officer Training School?
A33: You may apply for OTS with most any college degree (minimum 3.0 GPA ). See for more info.

Q34: Do you need 20/20 vision to become a pilot, drone pilot,etc?
A34: A pilot’s distance vision can be no worse than 20/70, correctable to 20/20. Near vision must be 20/20, uncorrected.

Q35: What ASVAB score do you need to join?
A35: Min AFQT score req is 36, but majority of those waiting for BMT scored > 50. Contact your recruiter to discuss your scores.

Q36: My contract says Open Electrical, what are the chances I’ll get a 3D job?
A36: Your electrical score determines what you qualify for in that area. Check out for more info.

Q37: Where can I find minimum weight requirements for the Air Force?
A37: Please visit for height and weight requirements.

Q38: Are there age waivers for OTS, if you’re going in just after your 30th birthday?
A38: No waiver needed, but you must be commissioned prior to your 35th birthday, after completing 9.5 weeks of Officer Training School.

Q39: How often does TACP get to cross train to PJs or CCT?
A39: We don’t track those stats, but they must meet minimum requirements & can apply 13 months before their enlistment ends.

Q40: Does the AF do color blind treatment while enlisted?
A40: No, this doesn’t exist.

Q41: How hard is it to be a pilot in the AF, I’m going into college in ROTC and have done AFJROTC, is nearly impossible?
A41: Competition is fierce. You must meet all gen reqs, obtain a degree, & then apply for commission.

Q42: Does the Air Force offer split training options?
A42: You will go to tech school for the job you book. You may be able to cross train later on if interested in another career field.

Q43: Is 17 the minimum enlistment age?
A43: Yes, non-prior service applicants must be at least 17 with parental consent & in Basic Military Training before their 28th birthday.

Q44: How is BMT different for Battlefield Airmen?
A44: BFA must meet all mandatory requirements like everyone else, but you will be doing more PT to prepare for tech school.

Q45: I’m in the Army as a medic now, but I wish to switch to the Air Force and try to be a PJ, how would this be possible and would it be worth it?
A45: You aren’t currently eligible. Contact a recruiter after beginning of the year to see if Prior Service program is open.

Q46: When do the October DAP results for lawyers come back?
A46: Please contact your POC for that.

Q47: After you’ve gotten in, can you get LASIK? What if you have gone through MEPS and signed a contract already?
A47: Your Air Force eye doctor will inform you if you are a candidate for corrective surgery.

Q48: Once I graduate from an ROTC program in college, will I be a 1st or 2nd lieutenant?
A48: OTS officers come in as a second lieutenant if selected.

Q49: What physical impairments limits one from being a pilot?
A49: There are too many to list as pilots are required to be in excellent medical condition. Contact your recruiter for more info.

Q50: Do you have any jobs for me in Las Vegas?
A50: Your scores from your ASVAB determine jobs you’re qualified for along w/ physical & moral standards for each career.

Q51: Are there diet therapy tech schools available over the summer?
A51: We do not publish school dates, you would need to discuss your job options with your recruiter once you process.

Q52: What are the requirements to get into and pass BMT?
A52: Please check out for more BMT info.

Q53: Are the Air Force Reserves good for someone who doesn’t want to move right away?
A53: Please contact AF Reserve on their website. They have a Live Chat to answer your questions at

Q54: What are the benefits of joining for six years, as opposed to four?
A54: The benefits include AF rank of E-3, two extra years of job security, pay and travel.

Q55: How long before DEP do I have to decide if I want to join?
A55: You won’t be scheduled to process until you are 100 percent ready to join. But once you process, you are swearing in. You also must be in BMT prior to your 28th birthday.

Q56: What are the top three things recruiters want from a recruit?
A56: Meet the minimum standards, be motivated and be flexible.