March recruitment tweet chat

By Tech. Sgt. Steve Grever
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

The Air Force Public Affairs Agency and Air Force Recruiting Service hosted its monthly recruitment tweet chat Mar. 6 and received 83 recruitment questions from Twitter followers. During the hour-long Web event, AFRS officials and the Air Force Social Media Team answered questions about Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test scores, basic training, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps opportunities and other career field-specific questions. The first 37 questions were answered during the tweet chat, but in case you missed it, here are all the questions and answers from the chat. Stay tuned for our next event, and follow us on Twitter.

Q1: Is it true you can pet “Shamu” after you graduate basic training for free as Sea World?
A1: You will have to contact Sea World. #AsktheAF

Q2: Would a 68 on the ASVAB qualify me for the Air Force?
A2: Yes, a 68 is a qualifying score to enter. But, your position will be determined by your line scores. #AsktheAF

Q3: How do you train to become a PJ?
A3: If you meet the requirements and qualify on the PAST test, then you can be selected for this career field. #AsktheAF

Q4: @usairforce can you change your AFSC if you go from Air National Guard to active duty?
A4: We’re only taking prior-service members for nine specific career fields right now. Please inquire with a recruiter to see if you qualify. #AsktheAF

Q5: When did the rules change for single parents?
A5: A couple of months ago. #AsktheAF

Q6: How long does it take after BMT to go to your first station?
A6: Once you complete BMT and tech school, you’ll go to your first duty station. The timing depends on the length of your tech school. #AsktheAF

Q7: Besides ROTC, is there another way to become an officer in the Air Force?
A7: The Air Force Academy and ROTC, but OTS boards are currently suspended until FY2015. #AsktheAF

Q8: Is there an age limit for certain jobs in the Air Force Reserve? Air traffic controller? I’m 27.
A8: This is an active duty site. You would need to contact the Air Force Reserve to ask about their age requirements. #AsktheAF

Q9: For those wanting to be pilots, do you attend a regular basic training then go to advanced pilot training or just pilot training?
A9: You’ll attend OTS first and then go to SUPT. #AsktheAF

Q10: Is there anything that the Air Force can offer me that the Army can’t? What are the major differences between the two?
A10: Pay and benefits are the same, but the main differences are in the mission, jobs and overall lifestyle. #AsktheAF

Q11: On a scale of 1-10, how “dangerous” is in-flight refueling?
A11: There are always risks, but as long as everyone does their job correctly, then the risks are very low. #AsktheAF

Q12: What is minimum enlistment time you serve?
A12: The minimum enlistment time is 4 years. #AsktheAF

Q13: What happens of you get too sick to go to BMT? Do they move your ship date or are you disqualified?
A13: It varies. The doctor will determine the course of action, but DQ is a possibility. #AsktheAF

Q14: What rank will I receive if I have 44 hours of college credits?
A14: You’ll receive an E-2 rank. #AsktheAF

Q15: What are some fun things that can happen at basic training?
A15: BMT is a transformational experience. Learn more here #AsktheAF

Q16? How likely is it that I could become TACP?
A16: If you meet the requirements and qualify on the PAST test, then you can get it. #AsktheAF

Q17: Why is the AF still recruiting if it’s cutting 20,000 Airmen? Will that affect any new recruits?
A17: The challenge before us is to size our force with the right balance of skills to meet Air Force mission requirements. We will continue to focus on retaining high performing Airmen while reducing over-manned career fields.

Q18: Can girls keep their hair long?
A18: Yes, but it must be in a bun above the bottom of your uniform collar, and no more than 3 inches in bulk. #AsktheAF

Q19: If I have 30 college hours from four years ago what will my rank be after BMT?
A19: You’ll receive an E-2 rank. #AsktheAF

Q20: Can trainees in basic training receive care packages?
A20: No, trainees are not allowed to receive care packages during BMT. #AsktheAF

Q21: After serving a six-year enlistment, is it hard to reenlist?
A21: As long as you perform well at your job and stay out of trouble, you should be good to go. #AsktheAF

Q22: Should my recruiter be screaming and cussing at people in the DEP program?
A22: Recruiters should remain professional at all times. Please call 1-800-423-USAF so we can further assist. #AsktheAF

Q23: Has the Air Force moved BMT back to six weeks?
A23: BMT is currently 8 1/2 weeks. #AsktheAF

Q24: What’s the Air Force tattoo policy?
A24: The answer is too long to post here, but log onto our chat at They can tell you more. #AsktheAF

Q25: What GPA do you need to join? Do you let girls join the Air Force?
A25: A high school diploma is required to enlist, but for OTS, you need a 3.0 GPA or higher. Yes you can join as a female. #AsktheAF

Q26: Do SOWR’s go to their own indoc or go with CCT’s to CCOC?
A26: No, SOWRs go through the same indoc as CCTs. #AsktheAF

Q27: At what age should I start talking to a recruiter? I’m currently 14.
A27: You can speak with a recruiter as early as 17 with parental consent. Usually midway through jr year of high school. #AsktheAF

Q28: What other financial assistance is offered to high school grads to attend college other than an AFROTC scholarship?
A28: The Air Force offers tuition assistance, GI Bill and other scholarship programs tailored to specific fields, so there are many. #AsktheAF

Q29: Can you be in the Air Force traveling band and still get a college education at the same time?
A29: You can take college classes during you’re off duty time to obtain your degree. #AsktheAF

Q30: What is the current wait time in the DEP and what is the AF doing to reduce the wait time?
A30: There’s a 3-9 month wait time after you process until going to BMT. #AsktheAF

Q31: For an airborne linguist job, when will I know what language I will be studying?
A31: You’ll learn what language you’ll be studying when you get to tech school. #AsktheAF

Q32: If you enlist with a college degree and later decide to become an officer, what’s the earliest you could go to OTS?
A32: 12 months after you get to your first base, you can apply for OTS if you meet the requirements. #AsktheAF

Q33: Are civilians qualified to apply for the Air Force physician’s assistant program?
A33: Must be a citizen enrolled or accepted in an accredited school. The commitment is 3 yrs and begins after finishing school. #AsktheAF

Q34: What are the requirements to join for a person with a GED?
A34: You can apply with an in-class GED. #AsktheAF

Q35: When are OTS boards starting back up?
A35: FY2015, but we do not have firm dates yet. #AsktheAF

Q36: How many routes are there for an enlisted member to become an officer?
A36: Too many to list here. You can log onto and chat with our advisers about it. #AsktheAF

Q37: Will the Air Force pay to correct your vision or is it better to have it done yourself?
A37: If an Air Force doctor refers you, then it will be paid for. #AsktheAF

Q38: How many bases are available for special mission aviators?
A38: While SMAs are assigned to specific aircraft, they may be assigned to any base worldwide in support of mission requirements. #AsktheAF

Q39: Are reenlistment bonuses for demanding/undermanned jobs other than direct combat roles going to ever make a comeback?
A39: Some jobs had bonuses to retain people in hard to fill positions. With current manning, there’s no need to offer that. #AsktheAF

Q40: Do you have to be in college to become an Air Force pilot?
A40: To apply for OTS & pilot tng must have or be w/in 1 yr of degree & GPA of 2.5 or >. For more info visit #AsktheAF

Q41: If I get into security forces, what kind of jobs can I get out in the civilian world?
A41: Law enforcement jobs, and education you get while in the Air Force, may help you meet the requirements to apply for the FBI & other security agencies. #AsktheAF

Q42: Will I be able to work on my engineering skills while being a fighter pilot?
A42: Serving as pilot is demanding, but there are opportunities to pursue higher education in an engineering discipline too. #AsktheAF

Q43: My recruiter was a rookie, took her time and then left. There’s “no record” of me attempting to enlist. What do I do?
A43: Info on everyone processing into the Air Force is entered in a database. Ask your current recruiter or their flight chief for help. #AsktheAF

Q44: I have dual nationality with the U.S. and Great Britain. Would this stop me from seeking a commission with the Air Force?
A44: Yes, as you must give up your dual citizenship to be qualified. #AsktheAF

Q45: Are plane maintenance jobs reserved for enlisted or the officer ranks?
A45: Enlisted aircraft maintenance jobs can be guaranteed if the applicant meets our enlistment requirements and the job is available. #AsktheAF

Q46: How difficult is it to get into an intelligence job? What is the training like to become an officer?
A46: OTS selection very competitive. When you submit your OTS application, you’ll select Intel Officer as one of 3 choices. Visit for more information. #AsktheAF

Q47: Is it hard to get a PJ slot?
A47: AFQT 50, Gen 44. Must also meet requirements to enlist & pass the PAST test. Check out this page for more info: #AsktheAF

Q48: Will the intelligence officer AFSC still be critically manned in FY15?
A48: Air Force manning is ever-changing. We do not know manning in a specific AFSC will be for FY15. #AsktheAF

Q49: How many jobs will be open this spring for load masters and airborne linguist?
A49: We don’t have numbers. If you meet qualifications and loadmaster or airborne linguist job is available, you can be selected for that job. #AsktheAF

Q50: I want to be an Air Force photographer. Where is the schooling for that?
A50: Provided you meet the requirements to enlist, train and serve as still photography apprentice, the technical school is at Ft. Meade, MD. #AsktheAF

Q51: I got a 92 on my ASVAB. Is that good?
A51: Yes, 92 is very high. Your aptitude area scores, as well as your physical exam, will determine what career fields you are qualified for. #AsktheAF

Q52: What is the average size of an ROTC scholarship for a non-technical field?
A52: You may contact Air Force ROTC direct at here: #AsktheAF

Q53: Are aerial gunners included in the Special Mission Aviation career?
A53: Yes, Special Missions Aviation encompasses three AFSCs including aerial gunner. SMA jobs are available if you qualify. #AsktheAF

Q54: How hard is it to get into the Air Force Academy and what are the requirements?
A:54: The Air Force Academy is one of the most selective colleges in the country. Admission requirements are high and competition is intense. Click here to learn more. #AsktheAF

Q55: My recruiter told me they are not enlisting anyone for medical jobs right now. Is that true?
A55: If you successfully qualify and the job you want is available, you can be selected for that job. Medical jobs are popular careers and are in demand. #AsktheAF

Q56: What are the options, if any, for an E-7 retiring after 24 years to join the Guard or Reserves?
A56: You must contact Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve. They have highly qualified reps to answer your questions. #AsktheAF

Q57: How do you get an E-3 rank?
A57: You may enlist for six years or you may qualify for advanced rank. Contact an Air Force Recruiter for more info and guidance. #AsktheAF

Q58: What is the highest pay grade an Airman can attain coming out of basic training?
A58: Provided you meet requirements for advanced rank, E-3. #AsktheAF

Q59: If you’re not on active duty, will the Air Force still pay for schooling?
A59: If you earned the Post 911 GI Bill, you can use the bill to pay for college after you separate from the Air Force. #AsktheAF

Q60: What’s the best study guide sold to prepare for the ASVAB test?
A60: We can’t recommend a specific one, but there are several to choose from. You can check one out at library or buy at a bookstore. #AsktheAF

Q61: How long does it take to be a PJ, and what do I need to do to be a PJ?
A61: It takes about 18 months of school with upgrade training to become a PJ. AFQT 36, Gen 44. You must also pass the PAST test. See for info. #AsktheAF

Q62: Why are dreads not allowed in the Air Force?
A62: Hair must present a neat, clean appearance and comply with Air Force standards. #AsktheAF

Q63: Could a 49 on a prescreening test be waived?
A63: Your Air Force Recruiter will determine when you take ASVAB and schedule you when your success at qualifying is best. #AsktheAF

Q64: If you work through a term of enlistment, and don’t have a 3.0 high school GPA, but have a bachelor’s degree, can you go to OTS?
A64: It is your Undergraduate GPA that is used to qualify you for OTS. #AsktheAF

Q65: Can you apply for an Air Force scholarship when you are a freshman in college?
A65: You may contact Air Force ROTC and apply. Here is a link to the AFROTC Home Page: #AsktheAF

Q66: Can my girlfriend and I be enlisted and stationed in the same base?
A66: You can both enlist, but not being married. Individual assignments are based on your career, wants and Air Force needs. #AsktheAF

Q67: I have one year left in college and I would like to join the Air Force. How soon should I talk to a recruiter?
A67: If you are one year out from earning your bachelor’s degree, you may contact a Line Officer Recruiter and apply for OTS. #AsktheAF

Q68: I’m enlisting with 60 credits and I have an associate’s degree. Do you offer anything that can get me a bachelor’s degree, and how can I then become an officer?
A68: You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a qualifying GPA to apply for OTS. If you enlist, you can use Air Force tuition assistance to earn your bachelor’s degree. #AsktheAF

Q69: Can I choose where to be stationed after technical school?
A69: You will be able to select your preferred locations, which will be taken into account when you are selected for an assignment. #AsktheAF

Q70: Do I need a class III physical to retrain into TACP?
A70: A non-rated Flying Class III physical is required due to mission requirements. #AsktheAF

Q71: How can I know if I can get a job in the medical field?
A71: If you meet the requirements, and the medical job is available, you can have that job. #AsktheAF

Q72: Does the Air Force have any direct commissioning jobs?
A72: Yes, health professionals, chaplains, etc. #AsktheAF

Q73: I’m being medically discharged from Marine Corps recruit training. Is it possible for me to enlist in the Air Force if I’m cleared?
A73:  To qualify for the Air Force, the medical reason you were discharged from the Marine Corps for must not exist. #AsktheAF

Q74: What’s the training regimen for PJ trainees?
A74: Indoc Training at Lackland AFB – 45 days. Other required training varies according to location and length, up to 370 days. #AsktheAF

Q75: I’m going in as a 3E0X1, and I’m curious what duty stations can I be sent to?
A75: Though your assignment choices will be considered, you can be assigned worldwide to meet Air Force mission requirements. #AsktheAF

Q76: Are you in need of musicians? How long do they serve?
A76: The Air Force is always looking for qualified people, including musicians. Musicians serve like other Airmen, and can choose to enlist for 4 or 6 years. #AsktheAF

Q77: I’m 27. Is it to late for me to join?
A77: Provided you meet the requirements to enlist, you must enlist and be in basic training before your 28th birthday. #AsktheAF

Q78: Do you pick your own job as an officer?
A78: You will select three career choices when submitting your application for Officers Training School. #AsktheAF

Q79: I applied for the December nonrated board and haven’t heard back. When will I know?
A79: You will need to contact your Line Officer Recruiter to obtain the results of the December nonrated board. #AsktheAF

Q80: Will I get a signing bonus?
A80: You may receive a signing bonus if you’re qualified to enlist,  the job you’re qualified for is on Initial Enlistment Bonus list and your term of enlistment is 6 years. #AsktheAF

Q81: Are there any duty stations in California?
A81: Yes, there are. Click here for more information. #AsktheAF

Q82: What happens if I graduate from college, but I’m not commissioned? Can I enter the Air Force as a noncommissioned officer?
A82: If you graduate from college and weren’t selected for OTS, you may choose to enlist, provided you are otherwise qualified. #AsktheAF

Q83: Can you change your AFSC if you go from the Air National Guard to active duty?
A83: You can change your career field if you meet the requirements for our Prior Service program and we are offering retraining opportunities. #AsktheAF