Top 6 Air Force pride posts for 2014

By Staff Sgt. Antonio Gonzalez
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Over the past week, we looked at the analytics from our Facebook page and compiled the top six Air Force pride posts from 2014. Our Saturday pride posts consist of an inspirational quote, a thought-provoking verse from a memorable song, or even a creative photo or graphic highlighting our Airmen and mission.

Check out our top pride posts, and tell us which one is your favorite!

6. #7

What better way to be prepared for war than with airpower provided by an F-22 Raptor? This powerful quote from our nation’s first president and commander-in-chief reminds us how valuable our training and hard work can be.

5. #6

Crew chiefs are truly one of the Air Force’s most valuable resources. This photo pairs a 7th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas with a B-1B Lancer – the perfect blend of technical skill and power. Serving in every major conflict since the late 1980s, this duo will continue to have success in the future.

4. #5

Can you hear it? There’s no sound associated with this post, but this image of an F-15 Strike Eagle is powerful enough to help you recall the distinctive screeching and boom associated with breaking the sound barrier. There’s no better sound in the morning to help you start your day on the right foot.

3. #4

President Roosevelt couldn’t have said it any better, and adding an impactful photo of a B-52H Stratofortress makes this post a powerful combo. Ole’ Teddy would have loved to have one of these at his disposal.

2. #3

For all of you who are on the fence as to whether or not to join the Air Force, read this quote and think about being proactive to make your short- and long-term goals a reality. The meaning of the post is simple – be bold and courageous in following your dreams.

1. #2

When you think of Henry Ford, you may think of the automobile. But, it turns out he also knew a thing or two about aviation as well. When life’s got you down, remember that sometimes you have to go through some turbulence to reach your goals. It makes reaching your goals that much sweeter.