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11 thoughts on “About Us”

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  3. I am trying to research where my 1950 Chevy truck was stationed at. It has a VIN plate stamped Service or Maintenance Vehicle United States Air Force. It had remnants of a sticker on the front bumper which resembled a shield of some sort. There are 2 letters at the end which are LL. I’ve only been able to find a “Hill Air Force Base” in my research. Please help direct me to the right sources as I’m wanting to restore this truck and pay proper respect to where it served.
    Thanks for your time, Matt

  4. I have just heard about the USAF removing “God” from one of its insignias so as to appease a small minority of anti-faith individuals in deference to the vast majority of our armed forces.  I cannot believe that my country and in particular, the USAF, WOULD SUCCUMB TO THE DESIRES OF SUCH A SMALL MINORITY who wouold seek to remove all references to God wherever and in whatever circumstances His name appears.  As a former USAF captain, I am very disappointed in that decision and would request the air force to reconsider its position in deference of the vast majority of air force personnel.  Our military forces go with God everyday.  I wonder what they would think if they knew that our leaders are turning away from the only hope who has sustained us ever since the first volley was fired in defence of our liberties!

  5. You’re my heroes!  I love to see the changes in everything from what we had in the 60’s and it blows my mind!  Wish we could have had some of the current “toys” back then!  🙂

  6. I am a 18 year old young lady from Starkville,MS.I just finished getting my GED this past June and been thinking about joining the Air Force for some kind of nursing program. Only problem is I’ve talked to my friends and they basically scared me. Telling me “you’re going to have to shoot people” “You don’t get any freedom” and other negative sayings. I also don’t want to leave my family or my boyfriend. My boyfriend told me if I join I’m going to have to move to Colombus or Biloxi. Is any of this true?

  7. Everyone has different opinions about the Air Force, so talk to a variety of people. You definitely need to talk with a recruiter. Go to airforce.com to find one. There’s also lots of info for you there such as career info and benefits. With a GED, you have more requirements: . You will have to be open to moving wherever the Air Force wants you to move in the world. Many people like this because they get to see places they may not have otherwise seen either through deployments or assignments. Airmen also make new friends that become family to them, which helps because they have to leave their parents and close friends from their hometown.

  8. Many things are possible, but the AF does not discharge people solely because of hearsay. It seems likely there is more to this story. That said, if you are not satisfied, you may want to inquire with the office of the Air Force Inspector General. It would be helpful if your daughter could provided all documentation of her records, including medical records. The IG may ask you to start your inquiry at a lower level and work your way to them if it is not resolved. Best of luck!

  9. Having two sons, one currently serving in the US Air Force and my youngest will be sworn in June. I’m absolutely perplexed as to how and why my oldest, having served over 3.5 years of a 6 year commitment is getting the boot, while the other is being enlisted. “Reduction is Force” for those who have made a life decision to serve our country, to now be exited. I feel for all those 35,000-40,000 Airmen who will now be faced with the challenge of job searching, relocating, and basically starting over. To think that a conscious decision was made to serve your country for life and fulfill a career until retirement, to now have to start over. Are they marketable? Is there employment in the civilian sector? How many will leave with a positive feeling of accomplishment? How many will leave with a feeling of defeat? So sad. There must be a better way to cut costs and save the moral of these young men and women who made the ultimate decision to serve.

  10. Being in a nurse field may expose you to combat, but you would not be exactly where the fighting takes place and you will probably never have to shoot anyone. As for the freedom bit, you will have plenty of freedom and free time when your not working and that includes extra pluses for airman. As for having to leave your family, theres no way around that unless you get assigned to a base where your family live near. You won’t know where your gonna have to move until you complete boot camp and tech training. So I hope this information helps you to make a decision.

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