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Alaska Airman shares photos from the desert

AOR Week in Photos
By Master Sgt Mikal Canfield

I am deployed here [Combined Air Operations Center] from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, doing Media Outreach for the Public Affairs office in Southwest Asia. My job is to market print and broadcast stories and photos to media outlets around the world, highlighting the men and women of the U.S. Air Force.

One of the best things about my job is knowing that our products might have an impact on the fight. People around the world see our Airmen in action and are able to see the variety of things we do to preserve freedom.

This week we premiered the “AOR Week in Photos”, pictures from around the area of responsibility – Afghanistan, Iraq and other air bases in this region – focusing on the different things our Airmen are doing here. Some of the photos show mission accomplishment – flying, fighting and winning the war on terrorism, some highlight Airmen facing unique challenges, while others feature our work in the communities we share. I think it’s important to show both aspects because it’s not all about flying sorties and driving convoys, it’s also about connecting with the people of this region and showing that we care about helping them achieve the peace and prosperity previously denied.

The “AOR Week in Photos” is just one of the ways our office does its part to fight terrorism. Putting together a photo slide show or sending out a news release might not be the stuff of legend, but it’s our role here and it’s a job we take seriously. Every single deployed Airman has a job to do and without his or her hard work, skill and dedication, the mission wouldn’t get done. Hopefully the “AOR Week in Photos” gives people a glimpse at some of the men and women representing America with honor.

UPDATE: After a request for the link from the comment came in, we thought we’d post the link here.