Airmen of the year honored at AFA

Check out the Airmen of the year and their photos.
The one award that caught my eye? — Tech. Sgt. Earl Covel Jr. from Fort Lewis, Washington. “He participated in 155 classified operations and supported 57 assaults, calling in close-air support to eliminate enemy insurgents with zero collateral damage. While leading a team over hostile terrain, he was instrumental in the capture of three key enemy leaders. He saved 110 Soldiers’ lives when he located and spearheaded the demolition of an IED.”
Wow. Thank you Sgt. Covel.
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AFA hears Air Force future from top general

The chief of staff of the Air Force addressed Air Force Association Air and Space Technology Convention delegates Sept. 16 here to share his vision for the future of the service.
“The work we must accomplish is serious stuff,” Gen. Norton A. Schwartz said, “but I know we are up to the task.”
Part of the joint fight overall, his message stressed the importance of the role the Air Force plays in supporting combatant commanders and operations around the world. For more of this story, and to read about his comments on a new tanker, unmanned airplanes, and the future of the Air Force click here.
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Secretary Donley speaks at AFA conference

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From uniforms to deployments, nuclear priorities and the service’s future, acting Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley spoke of a variety of topics at the Air Force Association convention here Sept. 15. “We are providers of tremendous capability of air and space,” Secretary Donley said. “All Airmen in every function specialty are contributing. We need to prepare to engage and debate the major issues facing the Air Force.”

Some of the major issues he addressed regarded the nuclear mission, the recently deferred tanker deal and Airmen-specific issues such as manpower, force shaping and taking care of families.

Secretary Donley wrapped up his speech by saying he is optimistic that the Air Force will work through the challenges that faces it.

“We will continue to deliver the kind of decisive air, space and cyber power that the American people deserve and expect. And, just as in the past, the Airmen of tomorrow will inherit a force that we decide upon today,” he said.

To view the speech in its entirety click here.

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Dr. Richard P. Hallion to AFA: Air dominance, the essential requirement

Dr. Hallion spoke to a hundred or so Airmen, Sailors and Marines from the US, and international militaries today about the threats facing the future of air dominance.

The one slide I saw said it all; it compared the F-15 and Su-30.

According to the Doctor, an Alfred Verville Fellow in Aeronautics from the National Air and Space Museum, the average age of F-15s is over 25 years while the SU-30 is only 6.5 years.

He stated that near peer nations would potentially build capabilities into F-22-like aircraft in the numbers of F-35s, which the world should take note of.

He also said that older aircraft can no-longer go in and “kick down the door” and that stealth aircraft with the capabilities like super-cruise would become more prominent.

More to follow.
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