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‘Mommy isn’t coming home, sweetie’

By Airman 1st Class Madison Sylvester
319th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Airman holds a photo of her mother and of a sign warning against drinking and driving
Airman 1st Class Madison Sylvester shares the story of how her first scar became her reason for never driving while under the influence of alcohol. Sylvester is a 319th Air Base Wing Public Affairs broadcaster. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Xavier Navarro/Released)

As a young child, you don’t think much if someone doesn’t show up when they’re supposed to because you have better, more important things to worry about, like bugs and dolls. They’re just another shape flashing around you in your own little world.

Occasionally, a child will stop and ask a question about the sky, their toys or where their parent is. The answer always seems to be, “Oh honey, they’re right over there,” and life goes on without a hitch.
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Is gaming a hobby or addiction?

By Senior Airman Levin Boland
97th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Much like other people from my generation, I grew up playing video games and now, I regret it.

From a very young age, I had multiple gaming platforms that allowed me to easily spend countless hours staring at the television. My education, physical fitness and social life suffered greatly. I had severe anxiety around other kids my age and was always that awkward, quiet kid falling asleep in the back of the class waiting for the day to be over so he could go home and play games.

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