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Are you ready to leave military service?

By Master Sgt. C.A. Tony Sargent
81st Medical Support Squadron

When Air Force leadership announced they would need to cut about 25,000 Airmen over the next five years, many people wondered if they would be affected.

A variety of programs were announced, including several allowing Airmen the option to retire early. The Air Force also allowed some Airmen the option to receive voluntary separation pay if they met certain requirements. Continue reading Are you ready to leave military service?

Military memories

By Senior Airman Sarah Hall-Kirchner
375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Twenty-five B-24 Liberators were lost during his last mission during World War II.

His airplane had been among those that went down when his crew had to ditch their plane over the North Sea. Luckily, he was rescued from the waters by an English air-sea rescue ship.

Dale VanBlair sat and told me about his experiences during the war and beyond in a busy restaurant on his 93rd birthday.

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Paying the price of freedom

By Airman 1st Class Brittain Crolley
4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Everyone comes from different walks of life. However, the people we meet, opportunities we’re given and decisions we make are all determining factors that help shape our paths along the way.

For some, life is an often exhausting uphill climb from start to finish. Even though they may struggle to persevere at times and occasionally fail to meet their desired goals, they have the inner determination to continue their journey toward success. For others, it’s a downhill ride. These individuals breeze through life and meet all of their personal objectives on the way.

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Independence Day

By Gen. Darren W. McDew
Air Mobility Command commander

As we take a moment to spend time with family and friends over the long holiday weekend, let us not forget what Independence Day truly represents–the birth of our great nation as bold leaders stood up and declared our independence.

Our nation fought for and declared its independence 238 years ago, paving the way for the freedoms we still enjoy today. As Airmen in the world’s finest Air Force, we are committed to ensuring our nation’s security, and gratefully take responsibility for defending the freedom and democracy we celebrate. Like our forefathers, it is the character of our Airmen to stand up for the freedom we hold so dear.

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How to use the new Airman Comprehensive Assessment

By Tech. Sgt. James Stewart
Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs

Chances are if you’ve visited any Air Force websites recently you’ve seen the headlines “new feedback forms” or “AF implements new feedback process.” Big Blue has designed a new evaluation system for enlisted members and officers aimed at improving communication between you and your supervisor. The new Airman Comprehensive Assessment performance feedback tool goes live July 1, and it’s a good idea to get familiar with the intent of our new evaluation system and how you can best use it.

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