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Honor the fallen

By Air Force Social Media

While many Americans will enjoy a long holiday weekend for Memorial Day, do not forget the intent of the day. Remember those service members who lost their lives defending our nation’s freedom. See some of the courageous heroes who have recently paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Tech. Sgt. Anthony E. Salazar

Tech. Sgt. Anthony E. Salazar, age 40, died April 13, 2015, in a noncombat related incident at an air base in Southwest Asia while serving during Operation Inherent Resolve. Salazar, a native of Hermosa Beach, California, was assigned to U.S. Air Forces Central Command’s 577th Expeditionary Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force Squadron, 1st Expeditionary Civil Engineering Group.

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To post or not

By Charlotte Hu
Air Force Public Affairs Agency Public Web

With the surge of social media and blogging capability, every Airman has not only become a communicator, but they are also nearly all in the digital publishing business.

The fundamental principles of the United States’ freedom of expression are now shared with most of the world, and it has had stunning impact, from the fall of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), a Colombian terrorist organization, to the toppling of dictatorships throughout the Middle East, as detailed in a Secretary of State speech on Internet freedom. Exciting though these developments may be, this new digital publishing capability has also provided the means to leak controlled information, perhaps unwittingly.
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Airmen go above and beyond

By Staff Sgt. Jarrod Chavana
Air Force Social Media Team

When someone joins the U.S. military, he or she makes a sacrifice only a handful of people in the U.S. will ever experience. These select few will serve the nation in different career fields, which will make their experiences vastly different. Some will get to travel the world, but never set foot on a battlefield. Others may be entrenched in combat for most of their Air Force careers.

On May 6, three special tactics Airmen received medals for their actions in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. According to the Air Force Special Operations Command, the mission entailed American and Afghan special forces units infiltrating a known enemy area on Sept. 27, 2014, to “disrupt insurgent operations, including drug and weapons cache, and enemy command and control.

For the next 48 hours, Tech. Sgt. Matthew Greiner, Senior Airman Dustin Temple and Senior Airman Goodie Goodman, 21st Special Tactics Squadron combat controllers, fought not only for their own survival, but for the lives of their fellow wingmen and Afghan teammates. Read more here.

Recipients of these medals
Air Force Lt. Gen. Bradley A. Heithold, commander of Air Force Special Operations Command, and Navy Vice Adm. Sean A. Pybus, the deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, stand beside three Air Force special tactics combat controllers, who received an Air Force Cross and two Silver Stars May 7, 2015, at Pope Army Airfield, N.C. They are credited with saving the lives of more than 80 Army special forces and Afghan commando teammates by providing flawless air-to-ground integration in the special operations battlefield. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Ryan Conroy)

What’s behind the name of an Air Force Base?

By Senior Airman Michelle Patten
Air Force Social Media

Unless you’re a history buff, you may serve for years at a location without thinking about the story behind your Air Force base’s name. You might have some vague idea that the name comes from some general who served long ago, but who was that Airman?

  • Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington
Base dedication ceremony
Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen Gen. Curtis E. LeMay and Brig Gen. C. J. Bondley Jr. step off a plane at Spokane Air Force Base to attend the dedication ceremony July 20, 1951. Spokane Air Force Base was officially named Fairchild during the base dedication ceremony. The base was named for Gen. Muir S. Fairchild, former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force and a Bellingham, Wash., native. (Historical photo)

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Nose art isn’t just for humans

By Staff Sgt. Jarrod Chavana
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Since the conception of war planes, Airmen have figured out ways to personalize these aircraft and make them their own. During World War I, the artwork focused on squadron pride. During World War II and beyond, these paintings became more intricate and personal. I would call some of them masterpieces because they reflect the creativity and craftsmanship of the pilots and aircrew who flew these aircraft. During World War II, some Airmen and artists would make additional money and boost morale by incorporating these murals onto the noses or bodies of aircraft.

I thought I would go through some of the Air Force’s archives and find some great examples and share them with you. I will say, some of the nose art from World War II and later could make our mothers blush.


Nose art called "Lets make a deal"
“Lets Make a Deal” nose art from a Boeing B-52G that flew in Operation Desert Storm is on display in the Cold War Gallery at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo/Released)

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