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Visit to the 917th Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base–Passion for the Job

Maja Checks out B-52 Cockpit

Rarely do people find a job that they’re passionate about. We frequently hear from our Airmen that they love their jobs and that serving their country is the best thing they ever did. Yet, the Air Force also employees thousands of civilians and contractors to help support the mission. One of those civilian employees is Maja Stevanovich, who I’ve known for a couple years through Twitter and other social media sites. We only met in person this for the first time at this year’s Milblog Conference.  Maja currently works for Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs. She started there a few months ago, but has been a longtime supporter of the Air Force, and the military, through her participation as a milblogger. She has written about the Air Force numerous times on her blog, Not Your Average Brooklynette.

For her to have the opportunity to move from passionate blogger to being employed by the service branch she loves was a great opportunity. And so, after writing about the Air Force for years, Maja sent me the link to a post for Air Force Live (as shared from her blog). Maja recently had the opportunity to spend the day with the 917th Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command “and got to learn about their remarkable mission and the part they take in national security.” The 917th Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base, is home to both A-10 and B-52 aircraft. The A-10 schoolhouse mission is to train A/O A-10 pilots in initial qualification, forward air control and night vision goggles. The B-52 combat mission is to employ the bomber in support of Air Force worldwide conventional commitments. In addition to writing about their mission, she has some great photos of her day there.

B-52 Stratofortress at Barksdale AFB

Take the opportunity to visit Maja’s blog, and please be sure to check out Milblogging.com for links to thousands of other milblogs. The milblog community is an important part of the Department of Defense. The people who write these blogs are active duty, retired military, spouses, friends, families, or simply military enthusiasts. They support our mission and write about aspects of the military that public affairs or the news may not cover. And you never know, your passion may turn into a career just like Maja’s did.

Paul F. Bove, Air Force Public Affairs Agency