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This training is ‘intense’

This post was written by Senior Airman Jeff Noel an Air Force Intelligence Analyst stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, NE and is his personal account of the current training.

I was not sure what to expect from ACST. The training is different from any other Air Force training I have been through. It is defiantly more intense than the training I received at BMT [Basic Training]. There was lots of running, moving and shooting. The instructors throw a lot of information at you in a short amount of time and expect you to perform. The training is designed to keep Airmen alive when deployed and when they are engaged with an enemy.

Instructors taught us how to move as individuals and as a team. From the very beginning the instructors stress the importance of communication and unit cohesion. For the safety of the unit, communication is key. Communicating well ensures that everybody knows what is going on and that nobody is in the wrong place. When the unit works together to get the job done, things go much more smoothly, limiting the possibility of error.

Because I have not had any other combat training other than what was provided during my short time at BMT, I feel this training will be useful when I deploy in the future. I don’t know if I will be going “outside the wire”, but I will feel much more comfortable knowing I have somewhat of an idea of what I should be doing.

I think this training should be required for all deployers because we don’t know what our job will be while deployed. Anyone in the Air Force could be going “outside the wire” with the Army on convoys or other patrols.

It’s not quite the same as a comfortable office chair with a snack bar down the hallway. All in all, I feel the training will be well worth my time here at Ft. Dix.