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24 hours in the Air Force: your story in photos

by Tech. Sgt. Mareshah Haynes, Air Force News Service

Air Force Week kicks off in New York City

Are you a chef in the dining facility who prepares the midnight meal? Are you a security forces member who guards the gate at all hours? Are you a medical technician who works the swing shift in the hospital? Have you ever wanted to show the world exactly what goes on during your Air Force workday?

Here’s your chance. Help us document your Air Force story.

We want to show the incredible diversity, ingenuity, conflict and triumph that occur within the Air Force in just 24 hours. Help us tell your part of the Air Force story in our photo project, “24 hours in the Air Force.”

On March 29, participants will take a photo of what’s going on in their work center at a specific hour. Once we have all of the photos, we’ll compile them into an album showing Airmen at work in various locations and career fields during each hour of that day. The album will appear on our social media sites in April.

No one knows your Air Force story like you do, so who better to tell it? Send your name, location and career field to 24hoursintheAirForce@gmail.com to get your place on the clock.

Please remember to keep it classy, Air Force, and don’t submit any photos that you wouldn’t want your grandma or your commander to see. As always, operations security is a must. If you have any questions regarding OPSEC violations, contact your security manager or public affairs office.

Show us what’s going on where you are, whether it’s a promotion ceremony or an exercise. We want to see it.