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I don’t want a “yes man”

By 1st Lt. Tiffany Caguitla
386th Expeditionary Medical Group

I’ll always remember the time a technical sergeant on our team disagreed with me during a meeting by telling me I was “overthinking the issue, and there’s a better solution.” I was a little taken aback. No one on our team ever contradicted my ideas in public, and I certainly never heard that I “overthought” situations! Who did he think he was?! Continue reading I don’t want a “yes man”

The OTS advantage

By Capt. Freddie Stephens
Air University Officer Training School

This is my Officer Training School story.

My journey to the United States Air Force actually began when I was in college. No, I did not participate in the Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Oklahoma. Instead, I was a “normal” student recruited by OU’s College of Engineering. Continue reading The OTS advantage

Inspire: The second pillar of the USAF Band of the West

By Senior Airman Daniel N. Thrower
United States Air Force Band of the West

Part of the Airman’s Creed states, “I am faithful to a proud heritage, a tradition of honor and a legacy of valor.” These qualities instill a bigger picture of what it means to be an Airman and a member of the uniformed services in general. Any person can inspire others, and many of our nation’s service members do, including its musicians.

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Layers of leadership

By Col. David Chiesa
71st Medical Group

Remember the movie “Captain America,” when the main character tried to join the Army under different names and in different cities, but he was always denied because of his size and perceived notions about his abilities? This comic book hero eventually overcame his lack of physical attributes, and defeated the greatest threat of World War II — Hydra.

Our chief of staff, Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, published Air Force Instruction 1-2, Commander’s Responsibilities, May 8. The information contained within it can be described as “back to the basics of leadership.” I see these basics embodied with Captain America, a man with many layers. Let’s peel back his layers of leadership and explore how we can improve ourselves by following his example and our own AFI.

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Is the Air Force in you?

By Chief Master Sgt. Edward Edgar
317th Recruiting Squadron superintendent

140412-F-CX842-030When I think about being a good Airman first, there are two quotes that have framed my focus.

The first came from Chief Master Sgt. A.C. Smith, who is the command chief master sergeant for the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. It was part of his address to the Team Hill 5/6 Association, and I was attending as the president of Hill’s Top 3. He said:

“I was 19 years old when I got into the Air Force. I was 32 when the Air Force got into me.”

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