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A reminder about common sense on social networks

OPSEClogo copyAs the use and popularity of social networks continues to increase, an occasional reminder to use the Internet wisely couldn’t hurt. A little common sense can help protect your reputation, as well as prevent potentially costly repairs to a virus-infected computer. We’d like to remind Airmen, and everyone online, of a few basics that can be helpful. If you have specific questions or issues, contact your CSA or local help desk for assistance.

  • Don’t click on a link you don’t recognize–especially if it was sent to you via email.
  • Don’t post pictures or comments that might be embarrassing, or that might be in violation of UCMJ.
  • Don’t post information that could compromise OPSEC.

For more specific information, click here or consult “New Media and the Air Force

Retro posters courtesy of SMSgt Raymond Sarracino, AFPAA

Posted by Paul F. Bove, Digital Media Strategist

Air Force Public Affairs Agency, Emerging Technology Division