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Efforts continue in aiding Chile after quake

A Chilean surgical technician and Senior Airman Alexander Balock reach for instruments during the first surgery at the expeditionary medical hospital March 15, 2010, in Angol, Chile. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Tiffany Trojca)
By Tech. Sgt. Phyllis Hanson
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

While news on the earthquake that shook Chile, Feb. 27 has been “quiet” as of late, efforts are still ongoing to get the country back on its feet. Some of those efforts include ongoing medical and logistical support from the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

During a DoD Live Bloggers Roundtable discussion yesterday, March 17, 2010, Col. Byron Mathewson, commander of U.S. military forces deployed to Chile in support of earthquake relief operations, provided bloggers with an update on United States Southern Command support to relief operations of which the U.S. military continues to gain experience and perfects as incidents occur.

“Any time there’s an operation, we thoroughly review our lessons learned in trying to apply them to any follow-on type of operation. So in this case, any lessons learned from Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, tsunami relief that happened in Indonesia, the earthquake in Pakistan that happened a few years back, gathering that kind of information as the military does well, we gathered those lessons learned and try to apply it in this particular situation,” — Colonel Mathewson.

Along with SOUTHCOM’s Website, check out the Air Force’s stories and videos for more information about the military’s efforts since they set up camp just after the earthquake hit.

Full photo information: A Chilean surgical technician and Senior Airman Alexander Balock reach for instruments during the first surgery at the expeditionary medical hospital March 15, 2010, in Angol, Chile. The local hospital in Angol, a city southeast of Conception, Chile, was deemed structurally unsound as a result of an 8.8-magnitude earthquake Feb. 27. With the nearest operation ward more than 40 miles away, and many other local hospitals overwhelmed with casualties following the earthquake, local Chilean officials requested assistance from U.S. forces to help with primary care capabilities. Airman Balock is a surgical technician from the 81st Medical Surgical Squadron at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Tiffany Trojca)

Air Force expeditionary medical teams headed to Haiti

By Tech. Sgt. Phyllis Hanson, Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Med blog picIn the continued effort to use all assets available within the Department of Defense, the U.S. Southern Command is sending a special Air Force medical team to help the people in Haiti.

Within the next 24 hours, an Expeditionary Medical Support, or EMEDS, team will be arriving to provide for more much-needed medical support to those awaiting medical care after the devastating 7-pointer that left Haiti helpless in its quake, Jan 12.

On Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010, Col. (Dr.) Mark E. Mavity, the Director of Medical Readiness for the Air Force Medical Support Agency out of Bolling Air Force Base, D.C., participated in DoD Blogger’s Roundtable (listen here) to discuss the “combat converted” medical team’s capabilities and what they will do once they arrive in Haiti.

The EMEDS team will join the 40-plus medical personnel from Hurlburt Field, Fla., who were on the ground within 24 hours after devastation hit.

Colonel Mavity explained that with the capability to get in an area quickly, and using a “building block” approach, EMEDS’ flexible platform will “tailor its capabilities to the situational needs” the team will soon face. The first stage will be an EMEDS 10(a 10-bed capacity deployable hospital) which will quickly be established to an EMEDS 25 within 48 hours from initial set up.

With an established EMEDS team in place the Air Force medical personnel will be able to stabilize patients and move them to additional levels of care in as quick of manner as possible.

Accustomed to the trauma of combat care conditions, the EMEDS teams will adapt its capabilities to include handling infants, and elderly among the many wounded. Colonel Mavity is confident of his team’s agile responsive forces are more than ready to provide primary care, surgical and intensive care capabilities, flight meds, and preventative medical care.

Medical is a heartfelt profession and volunteers for this effort weren’t hard to find, said Dr. Mavity. “We have more folks who are willing and who want to help than we can get out the door.”

Photo Cutline:  U.S. Air Force Capt. Rob Clontz, 1st Special Operations Support Squadron takes the pulse of a wounded Haitian at a casualty collection point at the Port-Au-Prince airport Jan. 15, 2010.  Department of Defense assets have been dispatched to Haiti to assist with humanitarian assistance and disaster relief after a magnitude 7 earthquake hit the country on 12 Jan. 2010.  U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. James L. Harper Jr.

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