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Mrs. Welsh and Mrs. Cody Jan 21 tweetchat

By Air Force Public Affairs Agency
Social Media Division

In case you missed out on our Jan. 21 tweetchat with Mrs. Betty Welsh, Chief of Staff of the Air Force spouse and Mrs. Athena Cody, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force spouse, you can catch up on the questions and answers below!

Q1: Why does it seem so difficult to get into a routine and break old habits?
A1: A1: It takes time & perseverance to change behaviors and establish new habits. On average–66 days! (cont) #BettyWelsh
A1 (cont): Start out with a reasonable goal– know that with time & patience you will create long-lasting change. #BettyWelsh

Q2: How do I get started on my 2014 Healthy Living goals?
A2: First, list your goals & then break them down into achievable steps. Engage your family & friends for support.

Q3: What resources have you found or tools to help you stay on track that you would like to share with us?
A3: We have great resources to support you as well—check http://www.usaffitfamily.com/home

Q4: @AFWSOWIFE asks what would be the No. 1 best new habit to get started on the most healthy lifestyle? #BettyWelsh
A4: .@AFWSOWIFE Healthy eating helps you feel better, have more energy, prevents major illnesses to include heart disease, high blood pressure.

Q5: @usairforce is there a program for civilians to get fit and enlist? #dreamjob #BettyWelsh
A5: @SafariBear1107 Ask local recruiting office for advice to meet your goals! Airforce.com has a list of recruiters. #BettyWelsh

Q6: For the tweetchat followers to answer! How many of you have set goals for this year, and what are they? #BettyWelsh

Q7: Can you live at home and still work in the Air Force day to day if you live in the region of the base? #BettyWelsh
A7: @FastTrack_Shaq: Contact your ANG or AFR office for opportunities to serve! See GoANG.com. #BettyWelsh

Q8: Do you have some stress reducing activities that you would like to share?
#BettyWelshA8: Stress by itself wears down our health and well-being. As military spouses we forget that saying NO is OK! (cont) #BettyWelsh
A8 (cont): We must take time for ourselves in order to take care of others. #BettyWelsh

Q9: @Kaboom_Krusader: What can the Air Force offer towards a culinary arts career? Is it a competitive field? #BettyWelsh
A9: The Air Force sends services personnel and enlisted aides to culinary training. #BettyWelsh

Q10: What is a good workout to help train for pararescue? #BettyWelsh
A10: Military.com outlines the requirements for passing the PJ fitness test & advice for prep for it. @Militarydotcom #BettyWelsh

Q11: @AFWSOWIFE: @AFYouthPrograms Any network for work out buddies to connect with in the DC area? #BettyWelsh
A11: Sorry we can’t endorse any networks. Please do a search for workout groups. #BettyWelsh

Q12: Who do I contact to run track while in the Air Force? #BettyWelsh
A12: Talk with a recuiter. For more information check out academyadmissions.com/admissions/. #BettyWelsh

Q13: If I transfer from another service, will my rank be reset? #BettyWelsh
A13: Check with an Air Force recruiter, and you can chat with one on airforce.com. #BettyWelsh

Q14: If doing ROTC, can someone be an astronaut? #BettyWelsh
A14: Yes, it’s a possibility if you’re on the right career path and meet the requirements. #BettyWelsh

Q15: #BettyWelsh Has being a military spouse helped your own ability to stay committed to health & fitness in any way?
A15: I think a few of the lessons I’ve learned about flexibility, resilience and knowing that taking care of others starts with taking care of myself has helped me stay connected tothe importance of healthy living.

Q16: How do you find time during your busy lives to exercise/eat healthy? Some days it’s so hard!

A16: You have to schedule it into your day, and stick to it – don’t change
that part of your schedule. The first month is always the toughest!
A16 contd: The Air Force is moving to 24-hour gyms to help us fit the gym into
our busy schedules. Now there’s no excuse! (followed by A1 tweets about 24
hour gyms).

Q17: How do you encourage your family/children to be active & fit?
A17: Lead by example! And set goals as a family…working together to
accomplish fitness goals can strengthen your family beyond the gym.

Stay tuned for our next chat!