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Call for military videographers

If you follow military social media, you’ve probably heard of Great Americans.

If you haven’t, it’s a social network that includes video, photos, stories and forums about heroes from military, law enforcement, fire/rescue, NASA, and homeland security. Their mission, in part, from what their Website states:

“The mission of Great Americans is to tell the stories of the positive role models of our time. There are no perfect people. But there are many ordinary people in America doing extraordinary things for the sake of others and our country. Great Americans is a celebration of their lives, their service, their sacrifice, and their example to us all.” Portals like these allow Airmen and servicemembers to share content, simialar to other site like Trooptube and Youtube.

While Great Americans focuses on the heroic actions of Americans in the military and law enforcement, Air Force BlueTube focuses on giving our Airmen a place to share their stories via video. The channel is a continuation of our belief that “every Airman is a communicator.” We also use the channel to share general Air Force news that might be of interest to Airmen and the public.

One thing both sites share is the medium of video. As discussed in this post, the Air Force is putting out video content on a lot of different channels. One in particular is the new channel by the 1st Combat Camera Squadron. The Air Force’s 1st Combat Camera deploys photographers and videographers to capture and manage imagery for the Department of Defense in war and in peace. So in light of the upcoming GI Film Festival, which will feature movies about the military, we’d like to let our Airmen and other service members know about an opportunity that will feature movies from the military.

Great Americans has informed us that they were approached by Discovery Channel for a new series on heroes that will feature dramatic stores of heroism–with an emphasis on using content captured by military videographers and others who capture the courage of military personnel on the front lines. So to all the Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen and Marines out there, now is your chance to tell your story about your fellow service members. Below is some basic information about submitting video. Airmen who choose to submit a video should have that video cleared by their local PA prior to release.

Video Footage:
Our priority is first hand footage of actual events as they occurred. A direct copy of the video from its native format
is optimum. High Definition (1920x1080p) footage is preferred but any footage of actual events (recent or archival)
is needed.
Written stories, recommended contacts, & questions – bob@greatamericans.com
Video Footage – Ship to Ambient Light, LLC, 2126 Maplewood Ave, Abington, PA 19001