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Adventures of a military child

by Meredith March, Defense Media Activity Air Force Production

In their own way, military children serve our country along with their parents. For many of them, life is constantly in flux, requiring unique sacrifices and resilience.

Military Child

Master Sgt. Scott Vermeire, his wife, Sara, and their children, have moved three times in recent memory, and are set to change stations again soon. While the transitions have not been easy, the family has learned that telling friends and loved ones “see you later,” instead of “goodbye,” makes things easier.

According to the Vermeires’ middle daughter, Jordan, so does looking at new experiences as adventures, rather than permanent changes. In an email to Air Force Live, she writes:

“Living as a military child can be challenging, especially when moving. There’s the packing and moving into a hotel, and all the goodbyes to take care of. Then you’ve got the long plane rides from place to place until you get to your new home.

“You’ve got the new languages, cultures, lifestyles, foods and people to experience and meet. Everything is new and foreign to you, making it hard to adjust and make friends.

“Once you acclimate, though, it’s all a blast! All the traveling and sightseeing is unbelievable and the art and foods are incredible! It’s really fun experiencing everything with my family and friends, but soon enough it’s got to end and I’ve got to move again. A new adventure begins …”

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