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Happy Birthday, Air Force!

Gen. Billy Mitchell believed that “in the development of airpower, one needs to look ahead” – a fitting charge as we celebrate the United States Air Force’s 63rd birthday tomorrow.

Born in an era of incredible innovation and change following World War II, the United States Air Force has lived up to its promise, changing how our armed forces have both protected the peace and secured victory.

From the Berlin Airlift during some of the toughest days of the Cold War to Operation Everest outside Bagram, Afghanistan, this year, from embracing new technologies to supporting counterinsurgency efforts in two wars, the men and women of the United States Air Force represent one of the fastest and most flexible ways we exercise our national will.

And there is every reason to believe Airmen – and the families who support them as they soar to great heights – will be ready to deter aggression … fight and win when necessary … and rapidly deliver aid to those in need as we press ahead well into the 21st century.

That’s because Airmen are always looking ahead. It is in their DNA. It is who they are. The Joint Chiefs and I salute America’s Airmen and wish you Happy Birthday. Fly, fight and win!

– Adm. Mike Mullen