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Airmen with LASIK vision correction can transfer to Reserve, Guard

This week, we have another success story from the Air Force Continuum of Service (CoS) initiative (watch our video for more information).  LASIK corrective eye surgery is a common procedure that thousands of people undergo each year, including Airmen.  In May 2007, the Air Force lifted a ban thus allowing Airmen who received LASIK vision correction to fly high-performance aircraft.

Now, another barrier has been lifted!

The CoS program successfully completed an initiative allowing Airmen who have had LASIK eye surgery to transfer from the regular component to the reserves. Previously, the policy was that individuals having LASIK surgery were not eligible to transfer to the reserve component, even if it was performed while on active duty.

On May 21, 2007, the Air Force began accepting applicants who had LASIK surgery into flight training and navigator training.  This initiative clears the way for experienced Airmen to move to the Guard and Reserves and is one less barrier to moving between the regular and reserves components, allowing them to continue their career and service to the nation.

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Thanks to SAF/MR – Manpower and Reserve Affairs for sending this post.