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Expecting in the military

By Senior Airman Michelle Patten
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

There are so many thoughts running through your mind when you first find out you’re going to be a parent. How do I share the news? Will it be a boy or a girl? What will the baby’s name be?

Then there are the thoughts of a military parent. When will I have to deploy and leave my baby behind? Who will take care of the baby when my husband and I both get called in to respond to a disaster in the middle of the night? When will the grandparents meet baby when we’re geographically? Continue reading Expecting in the military

My stay in the land of the rising sun

By Senior Airman Soo Kim
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of a life in Tokyo, Japan. I had a crazy fascination with the island country to the Far East: the people, food, culture and most importantly, visiting all the historical monuments and landmarks.

So when I completed my first assignment dream sheet for the Air Force, I left all the sections completely blank besides my number one choice: Yokota Air Base, Japan.

Continue reading My stay in the land of the rising sun

Everyone must do their part

By Staff Sgt. Antonio Gonzalez
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

One in three women are sexually assaulted over their lifetime, and I have a problem with that statistic. In my world, it’s three out of three: my mother, my sister and my wife.

Earlier in January, I attended the first-ever Sexual Assault Prevention Summit as one of 150 active-duty, reserve, guard and civilian Airmen from all ranks and demographics. The very first thing we were asked was: “How many of you know someone who has been sexually assaulted?” Almost all 150 hands raised in unison. Continue reading Everyone must do their part

Five things to know before you arrive at BMT

By Staff Sgt. Antonio Gonzalez
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Getting ready to leave for Air Force basic military training can be an exciting, restless and confusing time. While you’re busy getting in shape and finalizing paperwork with your recruiter, you may have additional questions about how to succeed once you arrive at BMT. Don’t fret! We’ve got your back with these five essential tips to make BMT a bit smoother.

1) Know your reporting statement

You will use this every time you speak to your military training instructor. It is as follows:

“Sir/Ma’am, trainee (last name) reports as ordered.”

Be sure to use ma’am and sir when appropriate. Calling your MTI the opposite gender never ends well. Also, be cautious to not give your military training instructor a “sir sandwich”, by starting and ending your statement with sir:

“Sir/Ma’am, trainee (last name) reports as ordered, sir.”


Nothing makes an MTI’s day like a sir sandwich from a new trainee fresh off the bus! Continue reading Five things to know before you arrive at BMT

10 phrases Airmen say

By Capt. Victoria Hight
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Everywhere you go, people use words and phrases that give away their origins. Those from the South may insist “ya’ll” is a legitimate contraction (which it is!). Midwesterners tend to refer to their favorite bubbly drink as pop, rather than soda. A dear friend of mine from Minnesota sneaks a very Canadian-sounding “eh?” at the end of her sentences.

The military is well-known for its distinctive jargon and unique phrases. Here’s our list of the top 10 military phrases we’ve heard you use on and off base.

1. Standby


This standby phrase (see what we did there?) originated from the old days of radio correspondence. It most often means “pause for the next transmission.” It’s also used frequently in phone conversations to put the other person on hold.

2. Voluntold and mandatory fun


A combination of the words volunteer + told = a phrase many in the military can relate to. Most of the time you are voluntold to attend mandatory fun. In everyday lingo, these phrases make their appearance during discussion of events you aren’t looking forward to attending. Continue reading 10 phrases Airmen say