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Physical therapy: Changing my outlook

By Tech. Sgt. Anthony Nelson Jr.
Air Force Social Media

Have you heard of Airman Snuffy? Airman Snuffy is an Airman who’s used as the example for almost everything in the Air Force. Let’s say Airman Snuffy has an injury, but doesn’t want to get medical treatment because of the misnomer that “you’ll get kicked out of the Air Force if you’re broken.”

What Airman Snuffy didn’t know was letting an injury go untreated can cause greater medical issues in the future. Every Airman has the right to receive quality medical and dental care at your their military treatment facility.

I was just like Airman Snuffy at one point in my career. I was a young, energetic and enthusiastic Airman full of youth and optimism about my career and life in general. All of which are good, but I wasn’t thinking about my health.

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