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Money matters: pledge to save

by Meredith March, Defense Media Activity Air Force Production

Let’s face it – money matters.

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We know that the state of our finances affects our work performance, relationships, and even our security clearances, so we want to keep our noses clean and avoid bad choices that will make us financially vulnerable. Regardless of age or rank, we share similar concerns: being able to afford the necessities, saving enough for emergencies and retirement, and feeling too restricted by a tight budget.

Saving can be intimidating, but it’s crucial … and possible.

Military Saves Week, which began Feb. 25 and ends March 2, addresses these concerns by encouraging military members and their families to take control of their finances, save for the future and reduce debt. The initiative is part of the Department of Defense Financial Readiness Campaign and cosponsored by the Consumer Federation of America. This year’s theme is “Set a goal. Make a plan. Save automatically.”

On the Military Saves website, service members can find tips on putting aside some cash, getting out of debt, saving for emergencies, planning for a major purchase, saving for retirement and more.

Pledge to save here.