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Blog Spotlight: Daily Gingerbread

*Occasionally, Air Force Live puts the spotlight on individual blogs written by Airmen or their family members. These blogs provide an unofficial glimpse into the various aspects of Air Force life. Opinions expressed are those of the bloggers and are not endorsed by the US Air Force.

Staff Sgt. Sarah Brown in Afghanistan

Even though she’s a writer by trade, Staff Sgt. Sarah Brown has found that some things are best said through pictures.

That’s why she posts a mix of photos and articles on her personal blog, Daily Gingerbread, about her second deployment to Afghanistan. She’s currently serving as a Public Affairs Airman for the NATO Training Mission Afghanistan.

On the blog, she records her life in Kabul, sharing her experiences with the Afghan people in a war environment while supporting NATO forces as they train the Afghan military.

“This is a land of vast differences,” she wrote recently. “Rugged terrain and tenuous beauty, all surrounding a fragile hope for the future. We came to make it a better palce for the people who live here, to give them a sense of the world around them and let them know that there is more to life than just survival, that with hard work and determination (and maybe a bit of luck) anything is truly possible.”

To follow Sergeant Brown’s deployment, visit Daily Gingerbread.