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Successful PCS secrets

By Senior Master Sgt. André E. KillKelley
28th Logistics Readiness Squadron

move2The permanent change of station season is almost upon us, and with it being a busy time in a military family’s life, it is good to start preparing ahead of time.

The secrets to a successful PCS are preparing early and personally taking control of your household goods movement. The best place to start is at your own computer and by going to the Defense Personal Property Program website at http://www.move.mil.

At the DPPP website, you will be able to check the net weight of your shipment and find out how many days of storage you’re authorized for or have remaining. You will also be able to learn more about how you can transport pets, personal effects and other prohibited items.

In addition, Air Force officials recently announced changes to the Department of Defense policy on transporting a member’s professional books, papers and equipment with their household goods during a PCS.

Known as “pro-gear,” the new PBPE policy will impact orders issued on or after May 1. PBPE will be limited to a maximum of 2,000 pounds, and include items in a member’s possession needed for the performance of official duties at his or her next assignment.

PBPE items include instruments, tools and equipment unique to technicians, mechanics, medical professionals, musicians and members of other professions. They also include specialized clothing, such as diving suits, space suits, flying suits and helmets, band uniforms, chaplains’ vestments, and other specialized apparel and out-of-the-norm uniforms or clothing.

The policy excludes other items of a professional nature that will not be necessary at a member’s next duty station, like text books from schools and personal books, even if they are used as part of a previous professional reading program. This also includes previously allowed items like personal computer equipment, memorabilia and table service.

A PCS can be very exciting, but quite intense as well. Taking steps to ensure you have what you need in a timely manner will definitely help make the process smoother for you and your family.

PHOTO: Changing duty stations can be hard, especially during the peak moving season from May to August. The Defense Personal Property System website is available for Airmen as a one-stop shop where members can completely manage their move process. (Courtesy photo illustration)

Adventures of a military child

by Meredith March, Defense Media Activity Air Force Production

In their own way, military children serve our country along with their parents. For many of them, life is constantly in flux, requiring unique sacrifices and resilience.

Military Child

Master Sgt. Scott Vermeire, his wife, Sara, and their children, have moved three times in recent memory, and are set to change stations again soon. While the transitions have not been easy, the family has learned that telling friends and loved ones “see you later,” instead of “goodbye,” makes things easier.

According to the Vermeires’ middle daughter, Jordan, so does looking at new experiences as adventures, rather than permanent changes. In an email to Air Force Live, she writes:

“Living as a military child can be challenging, especially when moving. There’s the packing and moving into a hotel, and all the goodbyes to take care of. Then you’ve got the long plane rides from place to place until you get to your new home.

“You’ve got the new languages, cultures, lifestyles, foods and people to experience and meet. Everything is new and foreign to you, making it hard to adjust and make friends.

“Once you acclimate, though, it’s all a blast! All the traveling and sightseeing is unbelievable and the art and foods are incredible! It’s really fun experiencing everything with my family and friends, but soon enough it’s got to end and I’ve got to move again. A new adventure begins …”

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