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Story from USAFELive: First C-130 delivered to Poland

The U.S. Air Force delivered the first Polish C-130E Hercules to Powidz Air Base on 24 March 2009. In addition to the delivery of F-16s, C-130s are helping the Polish Air Force become a modern transport hub. “A crew from Hill AFB flew the aircraft from the U.S., and they were accompanied by a Polish crew who, several months ago, had completed training with the 118th Airlift Wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard.” Capt John Szczepanski, Air Force Affairs Office, Office of Defense Cooperation, captured the event and the importance of building the capability of an important U.S. ally. Read the full story here on USAFELive. (USAFE is the U.S. Air Forces in Europe, one of nine Major Commands of the U.S. Air Force.)