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New Youtube Channel Debuts for Recruiting

Cruising Youtube the other day I came across “The Circuit.” A Youtube channel that says it’s sponsored by the U.S. Air Force.  It’s an additional channel to our “everything” Air Force channel AFBluetube. More.

The Circuit, from the US Air Force
The Circuit, from the U.S. Air Force

One reason I thought “The Circuit” was a cool concept is because it gets young engineers, developers, inventors, techies, not necessarily those geared towards flying, etc. into a positive environment online and helps spread their ideas and products.  It’s more of a conduit for them (usually high schoolers) to help spread their ideas. Let us know what you think of “The Circuit” at Air Force Live. Sorry if you’re on the .mil, you won’t be able to see the site.

“There’s this misconception that the Air Force is just about pilots,” said Amanda Bottger to adage.com, an account manager at GSD&M Idea City (Air Force recruiting PR team). The channel is designed to attract “tech-tinkerers — people who are hands-on, minds-on.” See more here.

Amanda, just so you know, we like it! 

So some might say, it’s just a ploy to get people to join the Air Force. Where else can a 20 something get to test lasers, flight and skydiving? The Air Force Academy.  Where else can a 20-something cruise at hundreds of miles per hour over the earth in aircraft like the F-15 or F-22?  There’s nothing spooky here, nothing hidden. It’s a channel sponsored by the Air Force.

We say good on the recruiters down in Texas.  Very good idea; communication outside the box and time will tell if it reaches their target demographic in the places they inhabit — online.

A little different, our AFBluetube channel is for everything that’s not necessarily recruiting oriented, it’s a place for anyone to see videos from the Air Force.  Theres jokes, spoofs, combat videos, you name it, it’s there.  It’s also a conduit for any Airman to submit any video.

We also found another brand-new channel:

Combat Camera
Combat Camera

The ‘ComCam‘ page is a nice new addition that was inspired by the Air Force Public Affairs Worldwide, according to their commander Lt. Col. Robyn Chumley.  The page states:

“The 1st Combat Camera Squadron is the only active duty Combat Camera unit in the Air Force. They are responsible for operating, training, and equipping forces to acquire, manage and distribute imagery to support Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Unified Commands, Air Force and Air Mobility Command requirements. They deploy combat-ready forces worldwide, specializing in aerial documentation.”

HOOAH! Check out their promo video: Air Force Combat Camera

If you find any other channels online that are U.S. Air Force related, send them our way and we’ll list them here:
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Combat Camera