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What’s behind the name of an Air Force Base?

By Senior Airman Michelle Patten
Air Force Social Media

Unless you’re a history buff, you may serve for years at a location without thinking about the story behind your Air Force base’s name. You might have some vague idea that the name comes from some general who served long ago, but who was that Airman?

  • Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington
Base dedication ceremony
Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen Gen. Curtis E. LeMay and Brig Gen. C. J. Bondley Jr. step off a plane at Spokane Air Force Base to attend the dedication ceremony July 20, 1951. Spokane Air Force Base was officially named Fairchild during the base dedication ceremony. The base was named for Gen. Muir S. Fairchild, former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force and a Bellingham, Wash., native. (Historical photo)

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