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Transitional needs of military spouses and families April 16 tweetchat

By Air Force Public Affairs Agency

If you missed our April 16 tweetchat regarding transitional needs of military spouses and families with Mrs. Betty Welsh, Chief of Staff of the Air Force spouse and Mrs. Athena Cody, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force spouse, you can catch up on the questions and answers below!

Q1: As a relocating spouse, what transition assistance services are available to help me find employment at our new location? #BettyWelsh
A1a: There is the Virtual Curriculum in Transition GPS classes you take w/your spouse http://tinyurl.com/kx8d478 #BettyWelsh
A1b: Take advantage of @MSEPjobs (Military Spouse Employment Partnership) http://tinyurl.com/ln65fmw up to 6 months after your spouse separation date. #BettyWelsh
A1c: Check out your new state on American Job Centers for vets/family employment assistance http://jobcenter.usa.gov/ #BettyWelsh

Q2: How is the Air Force going to help transition Airmen out of the Air Force? #BettyWelsh
A2a: A&FRC (Airman & Family Readiness Center) offer the congressionally mandated Transition Assistance Program (TAP) or Transition Goals Plans Success(GPS) #BettyWelsh
A2b: New TAP is better than ever! 4 core blocks & 3 in depth tracks prep you for education, training or entrepreneurship #BettyWelsh

Q3: My spouse has prep’d for this transition & has landed an excellent job. Does he/she have to take all this TAP stuff? #BettyWelsh
A3: Pre-sep counseling, capstone & VA brief are required, but proof of employment can exempt them from TAP/GPS #BettyWelsh

Q4: I’m a stay-at-home-mom so I can’t make it to the TAP workshop, is there a way I can participate in the TAP/GPS workshop? #BettyWelsh
A4: Yes, all TAP workshops have a virtual option. Your spouse can set up access for you or visit your local A&FRC #BettyWelsh

Q5: Do Airmen and their families receive any benefits beyond their separation dates? #BettyWelsh
A5a: TERA (temporary early retirement authority) & SERB (selective early retirement boards) members receive all retirement benefits. #BettyWelsh
A5b: Involuntary separation benefits include 180 days medical, two years BX (Base Exchange)/Commissary, PTDY (permissive temporary duty), NAF (Numbered Air Force) hiring pref & more. #BettyWelsh

Q6: Is everyone separating eligible for 20 days CONUS & 30 days OCONUS permissive TDY for house hunting & job hunting? #BettyWelsh
A6:  Members who retire or are under VSP (voluntary separation program), involuntary separation or separate in lieu of meeting a retention board are eligible for PTDY #BettyWelsh

Q7: Will individuals selected for involuntary separation or retirement have to repay Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) to family? #BettyWelsh
A7: No repayment needed for most members selected to involuntary separation/retire under the Fiscal Year 2014 FM (force management) –visit http://tinyurl.com/l4wzok5 #BettyWelsh

Q8: My spouse may apply for VSP–is there 180-day Tricare coverage & two-year of commissary privileges as part of the VSP benefits? #BettyWelsh
A8: No, the extended benefits are only for involuntary separation. They are not authorized for those who voluntarily separate. #BettyWelsh

Q9: Can key spouses receive information on the links mentioned & share at their squadrons? #BettyWelsh
A9: Key spouses should visit A&FRC to gather info on these sources and share with squadrons.

Q10: Will civilians resources or liaisons be available for separating EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) families? #BettyWelsh
A10: It’s important for spouses to attend TAP briefing along with mil member to get that tailored info.

Q11: Who is helping spouses with licensure transfers after relocation? #BettyWelsh
A11: @MSEPjobs and @JoiningForces are partnering on license portability.

The next Air Force tweetchat will feature security forces with both an officer and an enlisted Airmen joining us as guests on April 24. Stay tuned!